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Salomon TV: #TheWanderer

May 2018

“Maine is the ultimate multi-sport destination. It’s rare to find a world class kayak and hiking destination with such significant history and cultural heritage. Pro skier and adventurer, Kalen Thorien, and ultra-runner, Alex Borsuk, set out to explore the rugged terrain of Maine’s eastern shoreline. The duo sea kayaked and adventure camped on their way to Isle au Haut, where they circumnavigated the island in their own fashions. Kalen went by sea, paddling 15 miles, and Alex by foot, running 30 technical trail miles.”


Alex Borsuk On How to Raise An Adventure Puppy

The Dyrt, April 2018

“Raising a puppy is a lot of work for anyone. But when your free time is already filled with outdoor adventures like ultramarathon running, ski touring, and climbing mountains, the responsibilities and time commitment of raising an adventure puppy might seem impossible.

Alex Borsuk shows us how it’s done — with a lot of work and A LOT of love, she’s raising her puppy, Otto, to join her for (almost) all of her favorite adventures.

The Dyrt spoke to Alex, who is both a professional athlete and a dietician, on how she’s training and raising the adorable Otto to become the ultimate adventure puppy — and how you can bring your own dog on more of your outdoor adventures.”


The Best Gear for Adventure Running

Advice from one very fun runner on how to make every run a good time

Outside Magazine, July 2018

“Alex Borsuk runs for fun. When the dietitian isn’t working her nine-to-five in Portland, Oregon, she’s exploring the labyrinth of trails in Forest Park, or discovering new vistas in the Cascades, or jogging with her husband on a 40-mile brewery tour of the city. Borsuk has proved her merit in competition, too, with a résumé that boasts seven 50-mile ultra finishes and a handful of 50Ks. But she’s truly passionate about running her own self-supported routes that take her 30 or 40 miles into the mountains. Initially hooked on hiking, Borsuk knew she wanted to cover more ground—so she picked up the pace. “It was a way to explore more,” she says. If you’re looking to get into adventure running or simply make your everyday runs a little more fun, here are Borsuk’s essentials.”


Alex Borsuk: Living the Dream

Outdoors Radar, April 2016

“For many of us a life outdoors is the ultimate ambition. For sports nutritionist Alex Borsuk this is reality. Borsuk crams her free time full with skiing, running and mountaineering around the Pacific North West and the astounding photographs she takes along the way are fast earning her a reputation on social media. We spoke to Alex life in the fast lane…”


The 9 Most Famous Adventure Dogs

Outside Magazine, March 2017

“Fearless, enthusiastic, and down for anything, these dogs share all kinds of adventures with their equally active humans. Whether you’re looking for pugs sunbathing at the climbing crag, golden retrievers snowboarding down steeps, or fluffy mutts hitching rides on bicycles, you’ll want to know these dogs—and follow their very active social media handles. The quirky bonds shared between human and dog has never been so inspiring, not to mention so damn cute.”


The Best Gear for Running With Your Dog

Outside Magazine, September 2018

Hitting the trails with your pup is easier when you know what to pack. Five pro athletes share their favorite picks.

“Few running partners are more eager to please than those of the four-legged variety. But running can put an entirely different set of stresses on dogs than it does on humans. Here’s the gear these pro and experienced athletes use to make sure their pups are comfortable on the run.”


10 Outdoor Women You Should Follow on Instagram

Outdoor Project, June 2017

“Every now and again I get lost in one of those Instagram holes. You know, the one when you end up finding and following a ton of incredible people that you wish you could know in real life. There are literally hundreds of people who should be on this list, but here are some of my favorites I keep going back to. 

I'm convinced that Alex Borsuk doesn't sleep. She and #PeanutTheAdvenurePup are always bagging peaks, running trails, and taking on just about any adventure imaginable. Her Instagram feed defines dawn patrol, badass, and shenanigans perfectly.”


7 Great Hikes Near Big Cities

Outside Magazine, August 2018

Getting your nature fix doesn’t have to require living in a mountain town or driving countless hours to a trailhead

“We all dream of remote, mind-blowingly awesome hikes deep in a rugged mountain range. But for most of us, that’s not always convenient. Thankfully, hiking doesn't have to involve going hours into the mountains for it to be amazing. If you know where to look, you can find some surprisingly impressive hiking trails not far from downtown. Here are seven of our favorites.”