“I’ve battled GI issues for years, but the past two years have been the worst with hospital stays, test after test, procedure after procedure. The doctors couldn’t find an exact cause and told me that we might never figure out what was causing all my problems. Deep down I knew it had to be something related to my diet and sought out the help of a dietitian. To say my experience was a negative one is an understatement and I soon started looking for someone else’s help. That’s when I remembered Alex, who I was following Instagram, was a dietitian. I hemmed and hawed about making an appointment, but I kept seeing how she really practices what she preaches so I jumped in with both feet, albeit a little nervously.

From the beginning she admitted there would be times while working together that might be tough as we investigate what might be causing my problems. And she wasn’t wrong, it’s been hard. But she has been supportive, kind, honest, always takes the time to explain things and has been optimistic that we would figure things out.

As cheesy as it may sound, I wouldn’t be where I am today without her help. We’re still working on my diet, but for the first time in years I feel better and am getting the answers I’ve been seeking. I can’t recommend her services enough and thank God that I found her. ”

—- Emily I.

I had never worked with a nutritionist before. I was actually kind of nervous and worried about how poorly I was currently eating as opposed to what I needed to be doing as an athlete. Alex as super easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable as we worked through all of my food habits and questions. She came back with a great analysis of what I needed to do and not be doing in order to help me meet my goals. Any new concepts or ideas that I was unfamiliar with she shared with me respectfully and carefully so I would understand and see the point. It was nice to not feel judged, but feel genuinely directed in the right direction as I’ve worked to improve the way that I am using food in my diet.”

—- Tara W.

“I am very active with rock climbing, trail running, backpacking, weekend warrior adventure and more but I was having a difficult time trying to lose weight. Having exhausted my other resources, I reached out to Alex to help me with my food and nutrition. Alex gave me incredibly clear insight into sports nutrition and together we worked through a solid plan to increase my nutrients, add more calories and eat the right foods for me to drive the results I was looking for. She educated me on why I was struggling to drop pounds and how specific nutrients benefit recovery and aid in endurance. Besides being an amazing human and awesome to work with, Alex makes herself available for follow-up questions and meetings and it is clear how much she cares about understanding nutrition and each individuals goals. Even in a few short weeks with a new nutrition plan in place, I have more energy, I feel healthier (and I still drink beer!) and the scale is already showing great results.”

—-April W. 

“…One of the most useful parts of Alex’s service is she instructed me how to properly eat for recovery after different types of exercise. Although she didn’t encourage strict calorie counting, she set distinct calorie targets for days that I do not exercise, days that I exercise moderately, and also for intense all-day excursions in the mountains. These estimates made me realize that I had been undereating on these long mountaineering trips and during the recovery period, something that I have since adjusted and it has made a huge difference in my energy levels during trips. Because I’m currently rehabbing a running injury, she also suggested (evidence-based) supplements that help with muscle repair and reducing inflammation.”

—- Brianna T

Continued on her blog (shared with permission): https://meanwhileinak.com/2018/08/18/nutritional-consultation-with-alex-borsuk/

“I have struggled for years with my diet and managing my weight. I am a die hard endurance sports junkie which has made it even more difficult to consistently manage my weight with heavy times training followed by large amount of rest in my schedule. I came to Alex because of her background in the same sports I participate in, hoping she could provide a long-term solution I could harken back to whenever I needed to, on my own. Right off the bat, Alex approached me with open arms and no judgement. Alex helped me through identifying the main issue with my diet and nutrition scheduling. Looking back, my problem was a simple fix but food habits are deeply engrained and she approached me with grace and kindness. We developed a plan together, one that I have been able to stick to while travelling with work and having a really wacky work schedule. I’ve been able to stop my fluctuations in weight and chip away at a few pesky pounds with a great long-term solution instead of a quick fix. I have been able to take the plan and adapt to it as I am doing a heavy amount of exercise or am going through a period of rest. My experience with Alex has really helped me redefine my habits and move in the right direction. I highly, highly recommend working with Alex, particularly as an endurance athlete.” 

—- Lindsay F.

“For years I have personally struggled with good nutritional habits; I also had a lot of misconceptions shrouding the present day ‘diet culture.’ There was so much I had not known going into my first appointment with Alex, I was terrified I would receive a list of off limit foods, only to be replaced with disgusting vegetables (ew!) Instead during our first appointment she simply asked me what foods I could never live without. Together we then built a balanced diet around those foods as well as around my daily activities. I could have never imagined what would have come out of working with Alex at the time, but I can say now that I will be thankful for our time working together for years to come.”

—- Spencer L.

“Alex meets you where you are, and helps you get where you want to be. She gets into the nitty gritty details of your goals, your lifestyle, and your values, and helps you make small, manageable changes that are designed to help you feel your best and perform at the highest level you can. I appreciated her kindness, understanding, and positive attitude. Plus, her own ability to tie together competitive running, a growing career, and a balanced social life is inspiring!”

—- Kelly M.

“I started following Alex on Instagram after learning about her adventures during an outdoor retreat. It was there that I learned about her “day job” and when she posted about openings for new clients, she had me at “Taco Bell”. I think we all know what we should eat to be healthier but it’s a lot harder to put into process. I had some success with a previous program but it was VERY strict and not sustainable. I was looking for something that would give me more flexibility and also better address my nutritional needs. I wasn’t looking for a quick fix but something that could be sustained over the long term. Alex will evaluate your current eating habits, determine where there are deficiencies and provide direction to help you meet your goals. She understands that sometimes you have to have Taco Bell or a beer! Whether you are an endurance athlete or just someone who is looking to get healthier, Alex will create a program to help you succeed.”

—- Colleen G.